Radiographic testing with digital technology

Metallic and non-metallic materials, iron-concrete structures, steel substrates, plastics, castings, joints and the examination of welded joints up to 50mm thickness. RT-1 and RT-2 material examinations.
Equipment type:

  • Digital installation
  • Fujiflim Computed Radiographi Dinamix Series 4 Cr

Radiographic technology has advanced significantly in the past decade, and just as in the field of cameras, the traditional rolls of film have been replaced with memory card carrying machines. The digital x-ray machine was created, which takes the place of the traditional methods of x-ray examination. The new technology has countless advantages compared to the traditional methods. These include:

  • shorter x-ray time,
  • in place of film, a luminescent imaging plate is used, which can be reused,
  • which makes the method more environmentally friendly,
  • The appraisal itself is easier, because the radiologist performs the appraisal on an LCD monitor with countless helper functions (ex: enlargement, contrast adjustments, etc.),
  • the film does not need to be stored, this being replaced by storing it on a DVD.

We can record our examinations on film cassettes.
Film we use:

  • FUJI x-ray film

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