Radiographic testing with ir192 isotope

Metallic and non-metallic materials, steel substrates, plastics, castings, joints and the testing of welded joints up to 100mm thickness. RT-1 and RT-2 material examinations.
Equipment type:
Defectoscope IR192 isotope

  • GAMMAMAT TI up to 40 Ci
  • GAMMAMAT TIF up to 80 Ci
  • GAMMAMAT TSI up to 120 Ci

The industrial radiographic testing is one of the most important fields of non-destructive material testing. Joints, castings, plastic tubes, and the rough texture of concrete constructions can all be securely examined with gamma radiation. The radiographic test uses ionising radiation to penetrate the material, which displays any breaks in continuity that are contained within the material. Using ionising radiation for a defectroscopic analysis is made possible by the interference between the radiation and the analysed material. One of the basic requirements for the foolproof operation of a contraption is that the contraption be free of dangerous inner material failures. It’s a known fact that there is the potential for introducing material failures in every step of the production process, and as a result of this the above mentioned basic requirement can only be fulfilled in a properly working quality-control system. Therefore, the radiographic testing is one non-destructive examination method, by way of which we can determine the exact size, shape, location, and place of any potential failures within the material without harming the material to be examined. We can perform the above mentioned examinations with the IR192 isotope on special industry x-ray film.
Our examinations are recorded on x-ray film.
Films we use:

  • KODAK x-ray film
  • FOMA x-ray film
  • AGFA x-ray film

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