Ultrasound material examination with phasor phase-controlled device

Metallic materials, castings, joints and the examination of welded joints, examination of KPE pipes with UT-2 material examiners.
Equipment type (Ultrasound machine):


The ultrasound material examination takes place with special tools which are capable of both creating an ultrasound and receiving the ultrasound signal that bounces back off of the material. This method is used most often for finding material failures on large metallic surfaces. The ultrasound material examination is for the purpose of finding inconsistencies in homogeneous materials. This test belongs to the category of industrial, non-destructive material examination. The ultrasound material examination is based on the tenet that the ultrasound introduced to the sample piece propagates smoothly throughout, but if it reaches a failure, a contaminated region, then part of the sound is echoed back. The region of the failure represents an acoustic boundary upon which the sound waves can move in differing ways: some of the waves pass through, while the others are reflected back. The reflection and passing through of the waves also depends on many qualities of the material. The interplay between these two things plays an important part at a region of contamination, on both sides of which there are acoustic hardness of the material parts, the ratio of these, the geometry of the background surface, and the angle of penetration.

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